Office with ConverLight® Dynamic Glass at Exor IT-firm in Uppsala, Sweden

Exor – Uppsala

EXOR IT-BYRÅ | ConverLight® Dynamic

Exor IT-Byrå gets more consistent indoor climate with dynamic glass



Exor IT-Byrå’s office is located on the corner of Dragarbrunnsgatan-Bangårdsgatan in Uppsala, with two large rooms facing south. There is one conference room and one dining room, which is also used for meetings. A year ago, the property owner installed ChromoGenics’ ConverLight Dynamic, dynamic glass windows, in one of the rooms and asked if Exor experienced any difference.


“Vi noticed the difference immediately. There was a much more pleasant temperature than in the room next door. The ventilation and the thermal comfort feel better. We previously only had blinds, but they did not block the heat. Now we mostly use the blinds to darken the room.”

Jörgen Ekström, CEO at Exor IT-Byrå.


The employees used to repeatedly adjust the heating and ventilation in the room due to it being too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. Now the indoor climate is much more consistent and the temperature is stable. Since the dynamic glass has proven to be a success, all windows on Exor IT-Byrå’s premises facing south will be installed with dynamic glass. Frames and jambs are reused from existing windows.


Why use ConverLight Dynamic?

As ConverLight Dynamic both insulates and blocks solar radiation, the need for heating and ventilation decreases. In addition, the glass becomes slightly darker in direct sunlight, much like sunglasses. That is why the people on the premises can enjoy a more comfortable working environment.


CoverLight’s energy saving features contributes to the fulfillment of environmental certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, Green Building, Svanen and Miljöbyggnad. ChromoGenics has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPA) developed in accordance with ISO 14025:2010, where the environmental impact goal of the product is ensured.


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