The office building Gullhaug Torg 5 (GT5) in Olso, Norway.

GT5 (Gullhaug Torg 5, Oslo)

Project: Gullhaug Torg 5, Oslo, Norge.
Customer: Avantor AS
Contractor: Betonmast Oslo
Status: Under construction
Time period: August 2020 – Spring 2022
Products: A total of 4 000 sqm of ConverLight® Dynamic 4-glass + EcoPlus and ConverLight® Static 4-glass + EcoPlus

Background to the project GT5

The project includes installation of windows in an environmentally certified property that is under construction in Oslo, Norway. The project is partly financed by the Norwegian innovation agency Enova under the program “New technic in the construction industry”. Enova reports to the climate and environment ministry in Norway and the project GT5 has got its grant for an innovative facade solution with both dynamic and static glass. The property is under construction and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.


Our goal has been to create an energy efficient facade that uses the project’s architecture with focus on indoor climate and environment. The solutions from ChromoGenics were crucial for the purpose of the project.

Kjetil Hafredal, Project Manager at Betonmast Oslo.


Why use ConverLight® from ChromoGenics?

By using ConverLight® from ChromoGenics, the glass has no limitations which gives more architectural freedom. The electrochromic technology in our dynamic solar control glass stops the solar heat even before it enters the building. ConverLight® Dynamic blocks up to 90% of the heat and isolates as good as a wall, by still providing daylight and a good view. ConverLight® acts as an automatic climate system where unwanted solar heat radiation decreases, which keeps the premises cool, and the use of external solar control can be avoided. As a result, ConverLight® is very cost effective for all buildings.


What does ConverLight® EcoPlus mean?

The glasses from ChromoGenics that are being used in the project GT5 are ConverLight®
Dynamic 4-glass + EcoPlus and ConverLight® Static 4-glass + EcoPlus. What does EcoPlus mean? In Eco we use a PET-film as middle glass instead of glass. The PET-film has a lower weight and less glass which gives lighter transportations that is better for the environment. Plus is a coating that improves the performance of the glass and decreases the condensation, which gives improved g-value and better view during damp days.


GT5 is going to be an environmentally certified building

The office building will have six floors and a basement, with a total area of 14 000 square meters in Nydalen, Oslo. The property has a high environmental focus and is certified as BREEAM NOR Excellent. When the project is completed the property will be able to reduce its CO2-emissions with 140 tons. Both the dynamic functions and the Eco-version in the glasses from ChromoGenics contribute to that reduction. The yearly savings are calculated to land around 100 000 kWh. In the project’s environment follow-up plan it is defined that GT5 shall reach a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in relation to reference buildings.


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