A view of the office building Klockstapeln on a sunny day

Klockstapeln – Gävle

Gävle Kommun AB | 110m2 | ConverLight® Energy
Construction and contractor: Gavlefastigheter


The office building Klockstapeln in Gävle has gone through a remodeling and renovation. The result is an energy efficient building with the solar cell facade glass ConverLight® Energy from ChromoGenics.

The property owner Gavlefastigheter was in need of glass facades with solar cells, renovation of the underlying facade together with replacement of all windows. Eriksson Bygg was in charge of the design & build contract. They procured Plåt & Stål Design AB in Västerås for a good-looking facade construction with aluminum frames, and they in turn purchased the facade glass ConverLight® Energy with built-in solar cells from ChromoGenics.


“We knew about ChromoGenics and were well aware of their great products. The best part is that the solar cell glass melts in so well with the surrounding environment, partly because the glass can be ordered in your optional color. The result turned out great!”

Marcus Svanström, partner at Plåt & Stål Design AB.


Why use ConverLight® Energy?

A common picture of solar cell panels is that they are huge, dark solar cell surfaces on roofs. A clear advantage with ConverLight® Energy is that you can order the product in your optional color or pattern, which makes it blend in with the surrounding environment. The office building Klockstapeln is not an exception.


“It looks really great and we have received very positive feedback. Just by looking at the house from the outside, you can’t visually see that it is a solar cell plant. It blends in really well with the rest of the building.”

Patrik Lundholm, Site Manager at Eriksson Bygg.


Read more about ConverLight® Energy here.


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