Knäckepilen – Uppsala

Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB | 220 m2 | ConverLight®

The residential building Knäckepilen in Uppsala, Sweden, got a pleasant indoor climate with free access to daylight and views by installing ConverLight® Dynamic (220 sqm).



In order to be able to offer a comfortable indoor climate, without losing sight and architectural freedom, Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB chose to install ConverLight® Dynamic in the residential building Knäckepilen.


People need daylight. In the project Knäckepilen we have focused on innovative architecture and integrated large glass sections for unobstructed views and a comfortable indoor environment. This place demands the management of heat radiation protection in order to maintain the recommended temperature in the summer.

Jonas Berg, Project Manager Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB.


ConverLight® meets the high demands placed on modern buildings with glazed facades regarding how energy is to be handled in terms of environment, comfort and durability. Lower energy costs also mean reduced environmental impact. We are proud that ConverLight® contributes to meeting the requirements of environmental certifications such as BREEAM, Green Building and LEED.

ConverLight® Dynamic is an electrochromic glass with dynamic solar control properties. As the sunlight on the facade increases the glass goes darker and the solar energy’s irradiation decreases by up to 90%, without you noticing the transformation.


We compared alternatives in the form of external solar control, but since awnings and curtains eliminate the view and the cost of the investment is comparable to ConverLight®, which also maintains the fine views from Knäckepilen and is a maintenance-free solution, the choice fell naturally.

Jonas Berg, Project Manager Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB.


Why use ConverLight® Dynamic?

Buildings with large glass sections often entail high costs for operation and maintenance. ConverLight® acts as an automatic climate system where unwanted solar heat radiation decreases, which keeps the premises cool, and the use of external solar control can be avoided. As a result, ConverLight® is very cost effective for all buildings.


We look forward to offering apartments with comfortable indoor climate and access to much needed daylight, even during hot summer days.

Jonas Berg, Project Manager Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB.