A privat residence with ConverLight Dynamic Glass in Storuman, Sweden

Private Residence – Storuman

Private Residence | ConverLight® Dynamic

Wonderful views through dynamic glass in Storuman



When Tomas Gustafsson and his wife Anna-Lena were going to build their dream house in Långsjöby in the north of Sweden, they planned the house according to the view. They placed the dining area by large windows facing south, to be able to enjoy wonderful Lapland views and the changing seasons all year round.


“The sun is very low here in spring and autumn and I did not want to have to block the view with awnings to avoid melting away or being dazzled by the sun. I figured there must be some better solution and started googling options. Then I found ChromoGenics dynamic glass and thought that this is exactly what I am looking for.”

Tomas Gustafsson.


Result after installing ConverLight Dynamic

No sooner said than done. All south-facing windows were fitted with ChromoGenics’ ConverLight Dynamic glass. When the sun shines, the glass is tinted. In addition, solar heat radiation is prevented from entering so that the indoor temperature remains at the right level even when the sun is shining bright. The insulating properties of the glass work well in the winter. Dynamic glazing makes the house more energy efficient and contributes to a more even and comfortable indoor temperature all year round.


“We moved into the house in December, and I am very pleased with our windows. I can really recommend others to do the same and I think that smart windows will become much more common in private homes in the future.”

Tomas Gustafsson.


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