Saldeen Real Estate AB – Uppsala

Saldeen Real Estate AB | 40 m2 | ConverLight® Dynamic


In order to improve the indoor climate and comfort, without the need of external solar control, the previous 3-glass windows with solar control film were replaced with ConverLight® Dynamic, an electrochromic glass with dynamic solar control.

ConverLight® are maintenance-free solutions which remove the need for external solar control that can be difficult to maintain and be perceived as misplaced. The energy savings made with ConverLight® also result in a reduced environmental impact that contributes to meeting the requirements of several environmental certifications. With ConverLight® Dynamic, you gain access to a greater amount of daylight, resulting in increased indoor comfort and work productivity.


Results after installing ConverLight® Dynamic

The dynamic glasses contribute to a perfect working environment regardless of the time of day, weather or season.


“It doesn’t burn your back when the sun shines and it gives a nicer light that is relaxing for the eyes.”

Anders Eriksson, Scott Sports AB.


ConverLight® Dynamic contributes to improved indoor comfort and sun protection when needed. An automatic and cost-effective climate system that blocks up to 90% of the solar heat radiation and keeps the office cool.

ConverLight® Dynamic provides 100% UV protection and acts as sunglasses where dazzling light is reduced without the need of external sun protection. Employees at Scott Sports AB experienced that the installation of ConverLight® Dynamic provided an improvement of the indoor working climate and experienced lower solar heat radiation.