Shimano – Uppsala

Saldeen Real Estate AB  | 227 m2 | ConverLight®

Saldeen Real Estate builds with ConverLight



“With ChromoGenics’ dynamic glass, the need for cooling is greatly reduced and you can down-size the cooling system in the property. The glass gives you outstanding natural light while keeping out the heat and bright sunlight. You also avoid covering the view with awnings, which works wonders for your wellbeing.”

Bo Saldeen, CEO of Saldeen Real Estate AB.


Saldeen Real Estate have used ChromoGenics’ dynamic glass ConverLight Dynamic in office properties that have been built in recent years. Most recently in Shimano’s Swedish head quarter in Uppsala, which has 227 square meters of glass round the façade.


­“When drawing up an energy balance sheet prior to a construction, it becomes very apparent that the energy needs are significantly reduced if heat is removed from the windows. Investing in dynamic glass is slightly more expensive, but on the other hand, it permits a smaller cooling system. Over time, you will also profit from installing dynamic glass as the room temperature will remain more stable compared to regular glass windows that let in heat and require cooling.”

Bo Saldeen.


Being able to work with large windows without having to cover them with awnings is also vital for the wellbeing of the people that work on the premises.


“Plenty of studies show that light plays an important role for wellbeing. The opportunity to look out the window also has a great impact on the general ambience. Getting maximal natural light without having to cover the view or block out the sun with awnings is very much appreciated by the tenants.”

Bo Saldeen.


Why use ConverLight Dynamic?

ChromoGenics dynamic glass ConverLight reduces the use of cooling energy by blocking unwanted solar radiation before it enters the building, which keeps the premises cool and generates a stabilized room temperature adapted to the season. As the glass also improves insulation, the need for heating decreases in the winter.


ConverLight’s energy saving features contributes to the fulfillment of environmental certificates such as BREEAM, LEAD, Green Building, Nordic Swan Eco-label, Swedish Green Building Council. ChromoGenics has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPA) developed in accordance with ISO 14025:2010, where the environmental impact goal of the product is ensured.