Svartedal school – Gothenburg

Local Government Gothenburg City  | 1260 m2 | ConverLight®
Construction and contractor: Flodéns Byggnads AB
Roof glass supplier: Råda Glas
Window supplier: LEIAB

Improved School Environment

For Svartedalsskolan, ConverLight® 65 was installed as a sustainable solar control solution that increases the indoor comfort and the energy efficiency of the building. A cost effective alternative to external solar shading, that also maintains free access to daylight and views. The project includes a school building of 12 400 sqm in three levels, built in three etappes. The glass was delivered in the beginning of 2019 and the school was fully completed in 2020.


Dynamic Glass – Solar control when needed

The electrochromic technology in our smart dynamic solar control stops the solar heat before it enters the building. The solar transmittance is adjusted depending on, for example, the time of day, outdoor temperature and the position of the window. The effect is that the window shuts out the solar heat when it is warm and lets the solar heat in when it is cold, thus regulating indoor comfort.

  • Energy saving
  • Dynamic –> Dynamic solar control
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Architectural freedom
  • Access to daylight and views

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