Ticon – Drammen

Ticon Eiendom AS | +plusfacade | 440 sqm Dynamic & 600 sqm Energy | ConverLight®

Energy efficiency with +plus facade

The project involved renovation of a commercial and office building, where over 85% of the buildings energy use was saved without affecting the architecture. ConverLight® Dynamic was chosen as window glass for a sustainable solar protection that increases indoor comfort and energy efficiency in the building. ConverLight® Energy, colored solar facades, were also installed for a further energy producing facade.

The electrochromic technology in our smart dynamic solar control stops the solar heat before it enters the building. ConverLight® Dynamic blocks up to 90% of the solar heat radiation and isolates as good as a wall, while still providing full access to daylight and view.

With energy producing facade glass we can provide real estate properties that create more energy than they consume.

  • Energy saving
  • Dynamic –> Dynamic solar control
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Architectural freedom
  • Access to daylight and views