Västerås Stift

Västerås stift | 200 m2 | ConverLight®


200 sqm ConverLight® Static was installed to provide increased indoor comfort and well-being in the building, without affecting the architecture design freedom.

Everyone needs daylight to function as humans. Therefore, space and decoration are not the only significant factors for creating a comfortable and healthy work environment. Indoor climate and natural daylight is least as important.


“It feels like I am working in a painting every day.”

Bishop’s secretary for Västerås stift Isabel Karlsson.


Why use ConverLight® Static?

ConverLight® Static provides an enjoyable and healthy indoor climate that increases the well-being of the people who are present in the building through daylight transmittance, UV-protection, comfortable temperatures and open views.

ConverLight® acts as an automatic climate system where unwanted solar heat radiation decreases, which keeps the premises cool. This leads to more energy and cost effective buildings.