Total facade glass concept

Increased indoor comfort

Daylight is an important factor for us to function as humans. Regardless of season, our product provides necessary daylight, comfortable temperatures, unlimited views, comfort for all workspaces and UV-protection for our well-being. Our dynamic glass provides solar heat reduction up to 90%. This guarantees a pleasant indoor climate without losing the benefits that natural daylight has on the human body.

Total facade glass concept

Energy efficiency & sustainability

Buildings with glass facades normally imply substantial heating and cooling costs. Our dynamic glass works as an automatic climate system that blocks unwanted solar heat before it even enters the building. This keeps the facilities cool and generates a stabilized indoor climate where the temperature is adapted to the current season. The results lead to a reduced cooling demand. It also leads to a lower energy consumption which means a reduced environmental footprint.

Total facade glass concept

Architectural freedom

Our solution only has a minimal effect on the architectural expression of the building, which gives the architect freedom when it comes to design. Our solar facades are tailored to match the architects desire or a company profile. The glass can be delivered in all colors and patterns to create a unique property design. Our products are easy to install and suitable for new construction, retrofit and renovation projects.