Quality and Testing



ChromoGenics works in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system). The products are handled and approved according to Byggvarubedömningen.

The environmental impact of the product is secured in EPD (Environment product declaration). Destruction of the product is certified in cooperation with Swede Glass United.

Test and durability

Full warranties guarantee client satisfaction in the long run. ChromoGenics perform several tests in order to ensure product quality and durability. Tests are being performed within the following areas:

Light and temperature
To determine optics and temperature properties, the spectral properties are measured to calculate the optics and temperature properties of the different glass configurations.

Dynamic function
The test matrix used to evaluate the dynamic (electrochromic) function is based on internally developed tests and international test standards (ISO standards). Internal tests are accelerated tests developed to show at least 20 years of service life. The internal tests have been developed in consultation with experts in lifetime tests for electrochemical systems.

Mechanical strength and durability
Tested according to international standards for laminated safety and security glass. Our dynamic glass has been tested according to EN ISO 356 and fullfills the requirements for class P4A, the tests have been performed by RISE-SP.

The sound reducing properties have been tested externally at RISE-SP.

Should questions arise, then our support team is always ready to help you out!


Field tests in Morocco

Accelerated field tests focused on durability of the products ConverLight® Dynamic 65 & 75 are being conducted in Morocco where the products are naturally exposed to high levels of solar radiation and high temperatures all year round.

The products included in the field test are mounted at angles of 90, 45 and 5 degrees to cover the most common product applications. The glasses switches between dark and light mode through time-controlled automation. The glasses are inspected regularly and light measurements are made every week.